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Advanced Immune Restoration


[accordion title=”For Cats”]

[accordion-item title=”Tumor Shrunk by 25%”]

I’m hoping you’ll remember me. I called your company on May 28 and talked with you for quite some time. I explained that my cat Buddy, 14, wasn’t eating or behaving as usual, so I had taken him to be examined at a top-flight veterinary clinic two days before. (I don’t have a top-flight income, so the cost meant sacrifices for me.) The vet examined him physically and discovered a large mass near the kidneys. He then did X-rays and bloodwork, which were analyzed on site. Buddy had a lemon-size tumor and was anemic. The vet “strongly suspected” (his words) lymphoma and said that Buddy would have to have a transfusion before we could even consider surgery; after surgery would come chemotherapy and aftercare. I declined. Vet said he wanted to see us in a week to 10 days, but I stalled for more time and made the appointment for 14 days away. I would not put myself or anyone I love through the slash-and-burn regimen that is standard treatment for cancer. I stalled because I wanted time to do some research.

My research brought me to a journalistic story about a woman, Connie Fischbein, whose Maine Coon cat had large-cell lymphoma, usually fatal, but was doing fine with help from your products and others. I hunted your company down on the Internet and saw her testimonial on your website. It was then that I called and ordered. This was after hours, so the products didn’t go out until Friday, but I received them on Monday, June 1

So I started on the products only 8 days before Buddy’s appointment for a checkup, That appointment was today, June 9, 2015. i was very worried about it because although I believed in the products, given the scientific studies behind their various ingredients, I had not been able to get nearly the recommended doses into Buddy. He is always finicky, and the slightest change in a food’s smell prompts him to walk away from his bowl and demand his usual menu; I have long suspected he could smell a fox’s fart from a half-mile away. So I was worried and had low expectations of Buddy’s progress.

The vet examined Buddy and said that the tumor had shrunk by about 25 percent. He checked Buddy’s membranes and said that they were much pinker: the anemia was much improved. He declared Buddy to be “MUCH better,” and then said something that I am glad he hadn’t told me on the previous visit: “When you came here before, I wasn’t sure he’d be alive for the scheduled visit.”

Thanks so much, Stephen. While at the vet, I asked if I could give B12 and B Complex shots (I have a farm and am accustomed to giving subcutaneous shots to livestock, but not to cats). He told me the schedule and the dosage, and he gave Buddy his first B12 shot on site. I am hoping the shots will perk up his appetite a bit. But even with the small amount of your products I’ve been able to get down him, he apparently is doing fabulously well!

I very much appreciate what you do. I’ve lost my family, and my animals mean everything to me.

Norma McLemore



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[accordion title=”For Dogs”]

[accordion-item title=”12 yr old yorkie with pancreas and liver issues”]


Dear Steve,

Just wanted to give you an update on Gigi. She is the 12 year old Yorkie that has pancreas and liver problems (the vet swore it was cancer – from a sonogram test and not a biopsy – which I refused to put her through.) in addition to this I was also told she has low blood sugar.

I am happy to inform you that after having her on the Advanced Dog Immune Restoration, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, Super Pet Enzymes and Milk Thistle and SaMe since December…she is doing very good!!!!!!! I am even noticing her starting to gain some weight!!!!! In addition to all of the above she is on a diet of baked chicken breast, string beans and pumpkin.

Steve, I am the person whose vet told me to prepare myself to put my dog down. I will never forget how desperate I was when I dialed your telephone number that night back in November. I explained my situation and also stressed that Gigi was not only my companion but also my medical alert dog…and I could not loose Gigi. I was terrified and hysterical. You immediately jumped into action. You calmed me down and set-up a regimen for Gigi. With your knowledge, compassion, products and the intercession of God above…my dog is doing good!!!!!
Miracles do come true!!!

Thank you!!!”

Pat Varriale and Gigi

[accordion-item title=”14 yr old improves”]

I wanted to say “thank you” for all of your help with my dog Haley’s health. she continues to live life to the fullest nine months after a tumor burst in her spleen and she was subsequently diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. at 14, she plays, she romps, she eats well, she snoozes, she snores. She is my everything. I have your company to thank – you have played a critical role in getting her where she is today.

I was referred to vitality science by a friend of a friend whose dog with cancer is also on the products and immediately ordered up your advanced immune protocol. she is currently on the following products: vital lipids, luxolite, herbal anti, and celloquent,

I recently submitted her success story to the american holistic veterinary medical foundation in hopes she might be able to help others. They have published her story (sans product and doctor names – but they were submitted).

I have kept my head down and i’m just doing what i do – you know how that is – so up until i received so much positive feedback about her story, i really hadn’t thought of it in that light. i guess she really is amazing and thought I’d share with you.

Thank you once again for all you do for the pets.

RD Moreno + Haley,
Manhattan Beach, CA

[accordion-item title=”Improves Rigley, a border terrier’s health”]

My 8.5 year old Border Terrier, Rigley, went through 19 rounds of chemo and radiation for stage 3 lymphoma and stomach and liver cancer. She is now in full remission. However, when it was all over she would throw up everyday….sometimes a few times a day. I tried everything…..ant-acids, pepto bismol, baby food, some worked temporarily. I had a natural vet put her on baby food, pepto and suggested I try some Canine Comfort..

I spoke to Vitality Science and they suggested the whole regime… anti cancer including Luxolite. Well the Luxolite was a miracle. It took a while to get the balance right. Luxolite and canine comfort are the regulars…. with some Vital Pet Lipids (a bit in the odd meal) and Herbal Anti (on treats through out the day).

Thank you so much you guys for all of your help! I will let you know how she continues to be healthy!


Tracey Boulton






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