Natural supplements To Boost Immunity To Fight With Stress, Anxiety & Cancer In Dogs

If your dog suffers from stress and anxiety issues? Let your pup live a healthy & active life by providing them with natural immune-boosting supplements. All our products are vet-approved and made to improve the overall wellness of dogs. Vitality Science offers the best enzymes, prebiotics, and natural supplements to treat dogs’ stress, anxiety, and many other diseases. Help your dog live a healthy life by giving them the best and most nutritional food.

  • .5 oz Oregon Grown Hemp Oil

    • No Pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are ever used
    • Helps reduce anxiety (from car rides and vet visits)
    • Promotes good heart health
    • Can reduce seizures in epileptic dogs and cats
    • Helps relieve pain and inflammation
    • Is legal in all 50 states
    This Product is Not Available for International Shipping
  • Calming Herbal Tincture for Dogs

    • EASES ANXIETY. Skullcap, an anti-spasmodic from the mint family, relaxes the body and calms fears

    • TIME TESTED INGREDIENTS. Combines 4 historically proven ingredients to calm the nervous behavior of your pets

    • EFFECTIVE. Catnip, an antioxidant with Vitamin C and E, calms and quiets excitable nerves

    • Keeps Your Dog Calm & Relaxed | Gentle Sleep Aid | for Anxiety & Emotional Distress | Soothes Hyper-Activity

  • Vital Pet Lipids For Dogs


    Premium Fish Oils

    • NERVE & BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. Tuna Oil, a DHA supplement, improves nerve function and brain development
    • UNIQUE PROGRAM. Effective spectrum of oil-based nutrients collected safely to renew your dog’s vitality
    • EFFECTIVE. Promotes glandular strength, enhances mucus membranes and normalizes blood-sugar levels
    • Supports Gland Health | Enhances Mucus Membranes | Improves Skin and Coat | Normalizes Blood Sugar | Neurological and Hormonal Support