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Is Dog Cancer Curable?

Is Dog Cancer Curable?

Depends on what you mean. If you mean, “Can all the damage from vaccines, GMOs, polluted water, EMF radiation and junk food be reversed and can the dog be reinstated back to a precancerous pristine condition?”, then the answer is not only NO. But, almost certainly, that reversal will never be possible. As the nursery rhyme puts it, Humpty Dumpty took a fall and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Time cannot be reversed without turning back every molecule in the universe.
However, if the question is, “Can a dog with cancer, even advanced stage lymphoma, osteosarcoma, liver cancer, any cancerous or precancerous condition, can a dog that is mortally ill have its life extended?, have its quality of life raised?, the answer is yes for almost all dogs with cancer. The exceptions being dogs with only a few weeks or less to live. Healing takes some reserve energy.
The king’s men didn’t have Super Glue. That broken shell can be glued back together, if it is not crushed and broken beyond repair. The repaired shell is not the same as an unbroken shell, but it is far superior to a beloved member of the family suffering, sad, pleading for help.
Modern nutritional science can put the joy back in the cancerous dog’s life, put the sparkle back in its eyes, and  have the dog looking and feeling great. Many times this can be accomplished even if the cancerous growth doesn’t regress. With a comprehensive holistic protocol, Inflammation may go down and the cancer may either stop growing or grow very slowly.

You might be thinking, What is this miracle remedy?

The answer is a little more comprehensive than just one or even a few miracle remedies. First step is to stop doing what causes cancer.

  • Stop spraying your lawn for one. Surprise Surprise. Yes, lawn spray is carcinogenic.
  • Stop doing anything carcinogenic.  Commercial household cleaning items. Yes, they are almost all carcinogenic.
  • Stop the vaccines. OMG, please stop the vaccines! The Standard of care is to never vaccinate a sick or stressed animal (or human). Their immune systems do not have the reserve to respond and the shock from the aluminum, formaldehyde and other malefics  worsens dog cancer.
  • Stop the Revolution style heart worm poisons. Dog cancer is a much bigger issue than the threat of heart worm. The cost benefit analysis shows the cost is much greater than the benefit.

The aforesaid is the stopping, the cease and desist of putting bad stuff in. Stop putting carcinogenic substances in, on and around your dog!

Who knew the road to recovery was so straight forward, and really so simple. Stop adding and exposing to cancer causing substances.
Next replace the bad stuff with safe, non-toxic cleaners, and shampoos, with foods that are not genetically modified and supplements that are natural food-based nutrients with a history of reducing inflammation and raising immune competence.
There are supplements and supplemental protocols that have a scientific and clinical history of raising dog’s immune competence, and in many cases bringing dogs back from the brink of death.

3 thoughts on “Is Dog Cancer Curable?”

  1. I can fully attest to the above blog. My cat had problems with his stomach for some time (2years) and I’d always provided him a holistic diet, no chemicals in the house etc. However, he was a stray and I didn’t know his background or how he got where he did before I took him in. My veterinarian finally diagnosed him with lymphoma. I was devastated, especially given how I’d taken care of him. She gave him 2-3 months. I researched the web and found products on Vitality’s website and figured I had nothing to lose. That was three and a half years ago and he’s now fine. We estimate he’s around 15 years and going strong.

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