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Guidance on Food

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We mostly recommend what not to feed. First, Especially avoid  corn, wheat and soy and for some pets carrageenan and guar gum. For many pets but not all, no grains and no chicken.

Next, unless dry is all the pet will eat, no dry, dry food dries them out. (Who’d would have guessed!) Canned is not so great either. Imagine yourself living off of canned food only! Canned and dry food are devoid of enzymes and the proteins are denatured. These deficiencies can be remedied with supplements.

The best food is raw food but some domesticated animals cannot handle raw. We feed our animals Nature’s Variety frozen raw, which is carried by most large or specialty pet stores. Nature’s Variety also sells a very good canned and dry food as well.

Protein: Of all the proteins; rabbit, lamb and venison are the best. Avoid all birds (chicken, turkey, duck) since many pets are allergic to them, especially chicken.

When changing food, it should be done incrementally, a 10% change per day is recommended. If at any time the GI problems get worse, then that food is not recommended and you should try a different brand or different ingredients.

Avoid too many variables by using only “single protein, limited ingredient” foods.

Click here for Instincts limited ingredient single protein food, which has been successful for many but which may or may not be the right food for your pet:

Thyroid Conditions:

If your cat or dog has a thyroid condition, avoid lamb, venison, and chicken as they are too energetically hot. For hyperthyroid cats and dogs, duck, rabbit and pork are beneficial. Also, for hyperthyroid animals avoid seafood and supplemental iodine.

FIP Cats:

For FIP cats no pea protein.

Kidney Conditions:

For cats and dogs with a kidney condition no beef, buffalo, or Bison. (Too many inflammatory factors.) Glandular extracts are OK. High protein raw diets are recommended by many holistic vets but not seafood. (Too much phosphorus.)

Super Carnivore Bone Broth Supplement

Bone broth can be bought frozen, shelf stable, and refrigerated. But the best bone broth is home made.

Breville Slow Cooker is recommended because it cooks very very slow cooker, which is necessary so that the bones can cook for days.

Ingredients: 5 lbs bones, 5 table spoons Apple Cider Vinegar, clean water

  •  Cook on low setting for at least 48 hours. Stop when bones are brittle.
  • Although bone broth could be a staple food. It is time consuming to make so the dosages should be adjusted for weight. At least a few teaspoons for a 10 lb animal and a few ounces or more for a 100 pound animal

Extremely Sensitive or Difficult Cases:

You can buy frozen, pre-made fermented fish stock, by Answers Pet Food, Detailed Formula, which has helped quite a few very very difficult cases.

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