Cats can be very finicky! However, we know the various tricks to get them to eat what they reject. All of our products have cat friendly flavors. So, it is not the taste that they are rejecting. It is the fact that it is a new taste. First, try starting with just a pinch of the products, then is that does not work try these tips below.

Tricks To Get Very Finicky Cats To Eat What They Do Not Like;

For very finicky cats, even when they will not touch our supplements, try taste enhancers:

  1. Forti Flora or Proviable powder are not the best probiotics, but they are great as a taste enhancer. The fact that they are also probiotics is regardless of their power to convince cats to eat whatever else is associated with them.
  2. Try putting some catnip herb on the food. Meowijuana (spray bottle) is a very effective brand of catnip.
  3. Try using a little canned tuna or tuna juice.
  4. Try Kitty Kaviar (a fish extract available from Amazon)

If you are only feeding dry, try mixing powders into coconut oil and putting on food.

Mix some of any one or several of these products into their food along with our supplements. Experiment with amounts. Start with a tiny amount.  Almost all cats find at least one of these products irresistible and will eat our products when mixed with these.

If nothing else works, you are left with syringing the cat. Mix a little liquid into the dry material to make a slurry. Wrap cat in towel. Carefully inject slurry into side of cat’s mouth  so that the material is swallowed and not inhaled.

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