Dog Cancer Success

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We have successfully treated thousands of dogs with a variety of immune related issues.

Lets start with some info on what we do and you will see why we are so successful at improving quality and length of life.

Almost all immune related problems, including cancer, encephalitis, and all the rest, come from drugs (mainly vaccines), food (GMO corn and soy especially), and household chemicals (cleaning agents and chlorinated and fluoridated water), and flea and heart worm chemicals.

Our strategy is to upgrade the food quality, stop all vaccines, eliminate the drugs and chemicals (flea repellents and heart worm medicines). Replace these with safe, natural food-based supplements that are scientifically proven to raise immune competence, that are beneficial for all animals, young or old, sick or healthy. Along with our email tech support, our strategy has been very successful in re-establishing normality.

Start with this package, Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol. The program contains items with dog friendly flavors so that they can be easily accepted in the food for most dogs.

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