Dangers of Pet Vaccines

Is your veterinarian pushing you to get vaccinations for your pet you aren’t sure he or she even needs? Cats and dogs are vaccinated more often than any other pet, and they don’t always need the vaccines offered to them. However, vaccines generate revenue for veterinarians, meaning it is in their best interest to sell them to you.

We believe holistic pet remedies are better and carry less risk. With risks like those listed below, holistic just makes more sense.

The Risk of Shedding Viruses

Many pet vaccines use modified live viruses (MLVs). The idea behind them is to give your pet a weakened version of the virus so his or her immune system can more easily overcome it and create antibodies. Yet this process doesn’t occur without risk; your pet may “shed” and even pass on the virus for weeks after vaccination. This could put other animals, including wildlife and other pets, at risk.

Vaccinations Overwhelm Immuno-compromised Animals

Just as within the human population, some animals have autoimmune conditions that make them immuno-compromised. They aren’t as easily able to mount an immune response to a vaccination. If your dog or cat happens to have one of these conditions, yet you aren’t aware of it and you seek a vaccination anyway, inoculation might make your pet very, very sick. In rare cases, it can even lead to fatal illnesses.

They Aren’t Always Effective

No vaccine for any disease is 100 percent effective in pets, but some vaccines—like the canine influenza injection—are much less effective than others. Well-meaning pet owners seek them out to protect their furry companions, only to find themselves surprised with a $2,000 vet bill or a lost pet. The reality is that vaccinations are not a guarantee and, in a lot of cases, we can’t even really predict whether the protection is complete—even with a blood titer.

At Vitality Science, we believe holistic pet remedies and sensible preventative measures are the best way to keep your pet safe. Learn more about our products today by browsing our wide array of holistic pet remedies.

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