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Feline Comfort
size: 60g,
flavor: Tuna,


Feline Comfort

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Feline Comfort - 60g, Tuna
Feline Comfort - 60g, Tuna × 1 $28.95
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What our customers are saying

It sounds so silly, but I’m so happy I could cry.

In following your protocol just after the first two days, Willow had her very first normal stool. It sounds so silly, but I’m so happy I could cry. I am so grateful to you for giving me the course of action to take to heal her little tummy so she can feel better. We will keep it up to maintain a healthy lifestyle for our precious girl.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Suzi - July 1, 2019

I highly recommend all products from vitality science

My cat has been on Pet Flora for a year and a half. It has kept her from having any stomach issues. She loves the taste which we all know how finicky cats can be. I highly recommend all products from vitality science. They have been life saving for my cat

Danette K. - June 19, 2019

After about 3 weeks, we could not even find the tumor!!!

I would LOVE to share my success story. I am very grateful for these supplements. My cat, Precious, was told by my vet last month after not eating for 2 days that he should be put to sleep the next day if he didn’t start eating again (?!?!)…he had been recently diagnosed with cancer in the back of his throat. That night I was up all night looking for natural ways to help heal the cancer tumor in the back of his throat. I eventually came across the Vitality Science website and was impressed with the reviews. I spoke with Steve the next day and told him the story and he gave me hope to try the cancer kit. I’m so glad I did!! I just took Precious back for another steroid shot last week after using the cancer kit for about 3 weeks or so and much to my DELIGHT and JOY the vet opened his mouth and at first could not even find the tumor!!!
She eventually found it after searching but before it was big and red and it could not be missed! Now, Precious is eating on his own without any appetite stimulants. I’m trusting that this is going to continue healing his cancer. I’m so GRATEFUL for Vitality Science and its’ effectiveness!!
Thank you so much!!!

Kimberly - July 26, 2019

Saved our dog's life!

One of our dogs was recently diagnosed with a lung tumor. His symptoms were primarily a persistent cough caused by an increasing infection. I was referred to this company and these products by a friend with past experience with them and who spoke highly of both. I have been utilizing these three items (in addition to some other Chinese herbal remedies) and switching to an entirely homemade diet over the past couple months and his condition seems stable and his resilience seems to be improved. Even with taking these items his immune system seems to have a difficult time keeping up with what his body is dealing with. But the time between corresponding courses of antibiotics has increased which I see as a possible correlation with these (and the other) supplements.

Anonymous - March 12, 2019