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Babbling Diagnosis: Cat Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma

The key to curing cat cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, Aids, and all incurable diseases is to see beyond the disease name and beyond any fatal conclusions implied by that name. The Disease Name Game. Your vet says that your cat has lymphoma. Lymphoma is a perfectly good word. The dictionary tells us that “lymphoma” means “cancer …

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Common Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

Your dog is off his food and seems to be getting a bit thin. You know he has canine arthritis in his hind end, but it seems to be causing him more pain then normal. He has a funny new growth on his ankle but that would not be causing the problem. Or could it? …

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Here is an image that goes along with our blog post about Tumors in Dogs

Understanding Malignant Tumors in Dogs

Your veterinarian just called and told you the small lump they removed from your beloved dog is cancerous as he suspected but, worse, it is a malignant tumor. Your heart is in your throat, you ask him for a prognosis. To your surprise, he says the surgery was curative but you need to keep an …

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