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Earthing for the health of you and your pet

How can earthing, also called grounding, benefit you and your pet? Research from the Environmental Health Board states: “a surprising and overlooked environmental factor on health is direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the earth. Modern life separates humans and animals from direct contact. This major disconnect can …

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Natural Dog Remedies

Natural dog remedies are the safest way to treat kennel cough in dog as well as dog diarrhea and dog vomiting The Natural Way The movement toward natural remedies is rooted in the fact that people are frustrated, Conventional treatment, which often means multiple prescription medications (each with known side effects) does not heal; it …

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cat allergies

Getting to the bottom of Feline Allergies

A feline allergy, or any allergy in any animal including a human, is usually a reaction to a foreign protein that has entered the GI tract and/or bloodstream. These proteins can be organic, such as bug excrement, food ingredients, and flea saliva. Or, they can be synthetic, such as pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. Sometimes, allergies …

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