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Pet Food Recall – Enough is Enough

Pet Food Recall

Pet food recalls offer a glimpse of what is wrong with entrusting your pet’s nutrition (or your own) to corporations and the government regulatory agencies. Why was “gluten” one of the suspected ingredients in past pet food recalls? Answer, there is a constant search by manufacturers to produce lower cost food that still meet government […]

How to Cut Back on Vet Expenses

“Keep Your Dog (and Your Budget) Healthy With Smart Pet Care Choices” As a pet owner, keeping your dog healthy is always one of your greatest concerns. Priding yourself on providing your best friend with good nutrition, a safe place to live and regular appointments with a veterinarian for check-ups, treatments and preventative care. But […]

Dog Vomiting Causes and Effects

Dog vomiting causes are rarely easy to pin point. But, there are a few likely suspects; your dog ate a toxic morsel while you weren’t looking, rancid food, exposure to toxic cleaning agents, pesticides and insecticides, maybe even new flooring chemical residues. Premature Weaning Puppies tend to vomit a lot, typically because they are weaned […]