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Dog Cancer Guide

Dog Cancer Guide

What Should I know about my Dog’s Cancer? Over the last month your dog lost a few pounds, seemed a little listless, and could not tolerate much exercise. When he decided he no longer felt like eating, however, alarm bells sounded and you had him to the vet the same day. Most likely your vet …

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Dog Illness and Cancer Epidemic

Almost every dog, over the age of ten, suffers from some type of chronic disorder. Right now millions of dogs are suffering with cancer. Why? Toxic buildup. Individually: vaccines, low quality food and water, environmental toxins, and pharmaceuticals compromise immune system balance. Collectively they are a toxic cocktail few dogs can withstand for very long. …

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Common Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

Your dog is off his food and seems to be getting a bit thin. You know he has canine arthritis in his hind end, but it seems to be causing him more pain then normal. He has a funny new growth on his ankle but that would not be causing the problem. Or could it? …

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