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Getting to the bottom of Feline Allergies

cat allergies

A cat allergy, or any allergy in any animal including a human, is usually a reaction to a foreign protein that has entered the GI tract and/or bloodstream. These proteins can be organic, such as bug excrement, food ingredients, and flea saliva. Or, they can be synthetic, such as pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. Sometimes, allergies […]

Avoid Over Vaccinating Your Animal

We all love our pets, and want to take care of them to the best of our abilities, and part of this care taking role includes making decisions on topics such as whether or not to vaccinate our pets.  While vaccinations are a regular part of vet care for most pets, it’s also a controversial […]

Natural Flea Control

Pets, as well as their owners often anticipate the summer and getting outside and going on adventures, but one thing that neither pet nor owner enjoys is the pesky flea.  When weather warms up, fleas crawl out from their hiding spots in cracks and crevices and launch an invasion on pets.  One question that many […]