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What Are SBOs? Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

The New Age of Animal Health and Wellness. Probiotics for Dogs and Cats. Some 25 years ago, laboratory researchers began connecting the dots between SBOs and gastrointestinal balance. Today’s soils and grasses have been attacked by pollution, pesticides, insecticides, chemical runoff, and chemically treated water, yet domestic cats need them more than ever. SBOs are …

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Compromised Gastrointestinal Epidemic Among Domesticated Cats

Compromised Gastrointestinal issues effect millions of Cats each year! There are five basic causes of GI disorders and immune diseases. The sooner you take a proactive position regarding them, the greater the likelihood your cat will be healthier and happier and live a full, disease-free life. Common causes of unhealthy intestinal system There are 5 common …

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Feline Lymphoma and Cat IBD

Feline Lymphoma is the most common type of cancer in cats, accounting for almost 33% of cat cancers. While lymphoma in general is caused by the same cellular degradation and malfunction as all cancers, gastrointestinal lymphomas’ development may be preventable. G.I. Lymphoma GI Lymphoma in cats is often associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD …

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