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Cat Cancer Support

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Vitality Science

Advanced Immune Restoration

3 Powerful Remedies in One Program | Cat Cancer Support

Advanced Immune Restoration 3 Part Protocol

The only program that supports the entire spectrum of feline immune system competence and normalizes cellular metabolism.


HIghlighted Ingredient: Blue Green Algea

One of the 16 ingredients in Celloquent. Blue Green Algae has among other bioactive substances, an abundance in tetrapyrrolic compounds closely related to bilirubin molecule, a potent antioxidant and anti-proliferative agent. NIH study concluded In, S. platensis and its tetrapyrrolic components substantially decreased the proliferation of experimental pancreatic cancer. - pubmed.gov

On The Blog - Feline Lymphoma and Cat IBD

If your cat already has cancer, fortifying the immune system can be a powerful adjunct to traditional therapies, making them more effective, and thus increasing the cure rate of cancer in cats and thereby extending their lives...

Contents of Protocol


A powder mix of nature’s most powerful anti-cancer and immune boosting ingredients. Flavors are not bitter,  may be mixed with food or water for easy administration. 

Ingredients: Arabinogalactan, PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin, Zeolite, Apple Pectin, Bromelain, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C ester, Aloe Vera Inner Leaf, Spirulina, Pet Flora, Bicore Complete , Lactoferrin, Zinc-Carnosine, Serrazimes , Vitamin K-2, BioPQQ, Argentinean Beef Liver

venus fly trap for health

Herbal Anti

Ingredients: Venus Fly Trap, Yucca, Licorice

An herbal formula working in synergy, based on Chinese medicinal herbalist principles. Taste sweet and is liked by most cats.

Fish OIl

Vital Pet Lipids

Ingredients: Tuna oil, Vitamin E, Astaxanthin

Essential fatty acidy acids in the oil when combined with sulfer bearing proteins in celloquent super charge the immune respones. Enjoyable fish flavor, may be added to food.

"...he improved to the point he seemed back to normal within about 8 months. Fast forward to an unrelated issue requiring a vet visit, they tested him and said it appears he is completely cancer-free! I want you to know your products saved my precious cat! Thank you!"
Vitality Science Customer
"This product system saved her life. My vet and I are both astonished! This will be my go-to for anemia in the rescue henceforth."
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Jill A.
Vitality Science Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vitality Science is a leader in holistic remedies for cats and dogs. Our proprietary formulas are made in small batches in the USA to ensure quality and safety. We specialize in helping animals boost their immune system, especially when fighting cancer, and resolve treatment resistant diarrhea and vomiting. 

The protocol comes with full instructions and we are available if you have any questions or concerns.

For more information on administration please click here.

We do not claim to cure cancer. Our products help to naturally raise the immune system and support natural inflammatory responses. A healthy animal will be able to fight diseases and viruses more effectively. 

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