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Calcium Supplements for Dogs

Your pets are supposed to get their nutrients from food and the environment around them. But what if that doesn’t always happen? What if your pet is not getting the nutrients that they need? That’s when you have to step in and take action. One of the supplements is calcium. Although it is not every dog that needs calcium supplements, it is not unheard of either and making sure that they get enough calcium certainly has a major positive impact on your dog’s health. In this article, we will explore when and why dogs might need calcium supplements in addition to their regular diet and how you can find the supplements and make sure that they are safe for your pet.

What Purpose do Calcium Supplements Serve?

Most people are already pretty familiar with calcium. After all, there are countless health recommendations telling us to make sure that we get enough calcium to build strong and healthy bones as humans. For dogs, health experts sometimes recommend that you feed your dog is close to a natural diet as possible. However, this natural diet can sometimes be lacking in calcium. That’s because this paleo diet for dogs does not incorporate the major source of calcium that your pup’s ancestors did – the bones of whatever animal they were eating.

For this reason, veterinarians recommend that you feed your dog bone meal as a source of calcium if you’re going paleo with your dog. If you are feeding your dog a regular diet with food that you get from a conventional manufacturer, then you usually do not have to worry too much about making sure that they get enough calcium because it will already be included in the food.

Does Your Dog Need Calcium Supplements?

Whether or not your dog needs calcium supplements is something that can only be determined by an examination by your veterinarian and a discovery of the symptoms. What you need to know is that home prepared diets often do not have a natural calcium balance at your dog needs and thus requires calcium supplements. So the first symptom the you want to look for is whether you’re feeding your dog a regular diet of dry food or wet food that you get from the store or whether you are trying to go paleo and feeding your dog is close to a natural diet as possible.

Meat is naturally deficient in calcium as are most vegetables and grains. If your dog is not developing their bones properly or is experiencing other symptoms that your veterinarian can detect, then you definitely want to give them calcium supplements for dogs. This is especially important when your dog is young. That’s why it is recommended to visit the veterinarian at least four times a year with your young dog. They will be able to identify when problems like this happen and you can take steps to avoid serious issues such as a calcium deficiency.

However, you also want to keep in mind that you never want to simply add more calcium to your dog’s diet without consulting your veterinarian. Too much calcium can have a detrimental effect on their health just the same as not enough calcium can. You also want to look for symptoms of calcium deficiency which can be different in dogs and other animals and can even be different between regular dogs and nursing pups.

Are Calcium Supplements Safe?

For the most part, calcium supplements are safe, and you do not need a prescription to get them. However, pet owners are encouraged to do their research carefully and find out exactly where they are getting their calcium supplements. Your veterinarian will be able to make some good recommendations, but the problem is that they may be more expensive than you are willing to pay. You can usually find calcium supplements that you can afford if you look online, but you have to really do your research. If you get calcium supplements at big pet stores like PetSmart then there is an excellent chance that your calcium supplement will be safe and legitimate.

Where to Get Calcium Supplements for Dogs

So, where do you find calcium supplements? As mentioned, you could go to the big pet stores and look for calcium supplements there. You may pay more for the supplements than you would if you were to go look online. However, the problem is with online purchase is that you really don’t know where they’re coming from. Even if you buy on Amazon, there are some unscrupulous third-party sellers who will sell a product that does not provide the calcium listed on the bottle in order to make more money. You can also talk your veterinarian and asked them to recommend some brands and quality calcium supplements that you can give to your dog when they need a boost in calcium to stay healthy.

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