New puppy parent-Photo by hannah grace

Do you want to be a new puppy parent?

Before you buy a puppy: Demand a ‘puppy fax’! and prep on being a new puppy parent. One of the most important decisions you make when taking on the responsibility of a pet is what to feed them. After all, the statement “you are what you eat” has just as much meaning to your four-legged companion as it does to you.

Just because everyone you know buys pet food from the grocery or pet store does not mean they know what’s best! Pet health statistics indicate otherwise.

The internet is a great place to research your options; just be aware that there is as much controversy regarding Best Diet for Your Pet as there is on best gas for your car or any other “best” topic. As it relates to best pet food, unfortunately, convenience has taken priority over content.

The attention that an unscrupulous Chinese manufacturer added Melamine (a known toxin) to boost the measured protein content of kibble, thus putting millions of pets’ health at risk completely missed the point. The point should have been was packaged food ever the best choice as a steady diet for our pets?

The Cost Quiz 

Which do you think costs more? Meals made with fresh human-grade meats and vegetables or manufactured pet food?

Healthy pets rarely require more than an annual vet check up and never require medication. Compare that to the tens-of-millions of cats and dogs frequenting vets for chronic illnesses; not only are they on medication, millions are on multiple medications! Physically and emotionally, they are a shell of themselves and while this tears at your heart, you only need to look as far as the food choices you make.

Prepackaged pet food cannot compare to freshly made meals using quality ingredients; the former stresses your pets’ body while the latter nourishes and energizes them.

No Experience Needed 

First, you do not need a degree in animal nutrition to choose the best diet for your pet. The basic diet consists of fresh meats, fish, vegetables and whole grains, plus incorporating a few key supplements for cats and dogs.

If you are having trouble trying to find the right food for your puppy you can email us at and ask for a Pet Food Recommendation Sheet. We will be happy to send you our top picks for food.

Guidelines to eating better

  • Dry food should only be given if it is all your animal will eat, as it is dehydrating. If your animal is prone to constipation and is only eating dry we recommend: Easy Go New. It hydrates with Active Aloe and keeps the bowels moving in a constant motion with zyactanase.
  • Canned food is devoid of enzymes and he proteins are denatured. These deficiencies can be remedied with Super Food Supplement. A high potent multi vitamin in a powder.
  • Raw food is great but if your dog is sick they will need Super Pet Enzymes to help break down the food particles and assist the body to uptake the nutrients in the food.
  • If you decide to change a pet’s food it is wise to add Pet Flora, Vitality Science’s Soil Based Probiotic, to ensure they have enough gut flora to make the switch without getting sick.

Whatever the increase in food cost, it is more than offset by the high cost of vet care needed for a sick pet. The real bonus is that healthy pets are not just happy pets, they live many years longer. And isn’t that the point of having a four-legged companion in the first place?

Please contact our FREE pet health hotline with any pet health questions you may have throughout the years of raising this new four-legged family member.