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Treating Cat Diarrhea

Treating Vomiting in Dogs Naturally and Effectively
Vomiting is one of the most common health problems experienced by dogs and their owners. Along with diarrhea and other gastro-intestinal disorders, dog vomiting causes 4-5 vet visits a year for diagnosis and treatment. Thankfully, by understanding what causes vomiting in dogs and addressing these root causes, you can help your dog become healthier, and avoid costly and unnecessary vet visits.
Why Do Dogs Vomit?
Vomiting, or emesis, is one of the most common types of gastro-intestinal problems that affects dogs. While the act of vomiting is the forceful ejection of the contents of the stomach through the mouth, many parts of the body, including the gastrointestinal tract, musculo-skeletal and nervous systems are all involved in this process. In fact, the act of vomiting is begun by stimulation to the vomiting center of the brain, responding to abnormal substances in the blood (such as occurs after being given medication) or body. More commonly however, receptors in the abdomen responding to abnormal stimulation cause nausea and vomiting.

The most common causes of abnormal gastro-intestinal stimulation are GI inflammation (gastroenteritis, upset stomach, eating a foreign body or material), bowel obstructions or swelling, or even irritation or inflammation of many of the body s other organs, such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys and spleen.

Vomiting in dogs is a far too common occurrence for pet owners. While the cause is often varied, in many cases vomiting and other gastrointestinal upsets in dogs can be linked to a generalized weakness in the immune system. By simply addressing this common cause, many instances of vomiting in dogs can be quickly remedied without traditional medications or expensive vet visits, and in some cases eliminated entirely.

While dog vomiting can be a sign of severe illness, in most cases it is related to something that Fido ate, got into, was exposed to, or is having a reaction to. Dogs are notorious for having garbage gut. In a dog’s world, anything that can be eaten, will be eaten, and many things that shouldn’t be eaten, are eaten.

Typically, in many cases of dietary indiscretion, the veterinarian will treat a vomiting dog in a standard way. Medications will be administered to mask the symptoms and the cause, and food and water will be withheld for 12-24 hours to prevent further vomiting until the offending substance can be cleared from the dog’s body. Along with the expense of a vet visit, it is extremely disruptive to your dog’s body to withhold food and water, as well as upsetting for him to suddenly be denied food.
Soil-Based Organisms
Thankfully, with the use of probiotics, and especially the probiotics classified as Soil-Based Organisms , there is now an alternative to the old method of treating vomiting in dogs. Soil-Based Organisms help to reestablish the microbiological balance of the gut, relieving the gastro intestinal inflammation that causes vomiting. Soil-Based Organisms will frequently relieve vomiting and stomach upset within hours, with the added benefit of not needing to withhold food or water.

Administration of Soil-Based Organisms at the first sign of intestinal upset, you can treat the cause of vomiting as well as minimize the effects of the upset, and help your pet to recover more rapidly from his illness.

In addition to being invaluable for stomach upsets, routine administration of Soil-Based Organisms will help to maintain the balance of "good bacteria" in the intestine. These bacteria directly affect your pets health, and his ability to digest food properly. With almost 80% of the immune system based in the digestive tract, a healthy intestinal tract can directly impact your pets general health.
A Weak Immune System = Gastrointestinal Disorders
If your dog frequently experiences bouts of vomiting, the root cause may be something you had not considered: a weak immune system.

In the wild, dogs eat anything and everything they can find. We all have known dogs that eat a myriad of potentially harmful and upsetting foods, yet show no sign of intestinal upset. So it can be frustrating to have a dog that cant stray from his sensitive stomach diet, lest he experience a traumatic bout of intestinal upset!

In the wild, dogs eat a diet comprised of fresh, raw kill, with a very small portion of their nutritional intake coming from the seeds, grains and plants coming from the stomachs and gut of their prey. This is how nature intended for dogs to eat, and their bodies are geared to assimilate nutrients from this source. Compare the natural diet to what our pets eat today- highly processed foods comprised of high levels of carbohydrates as filler, incorporated with the undesirable portions of meat so processed and rendered that virtually all of the nutrients are unrecognizable to the dogs body.

By feeding commercially prepared diets to our dogs, we are creating major problems within their bodies. Unable to properly deal with the food the dog is ingesting, the gut responds by becoming inflamed and irritated. When the intestinal wall becomes inflamed, the absorption of nutrients is affected, which in turn adversely effects the immune system. This becomes a cyclical problem, as the weakened immune system is even less equipped to deal with the poor food the dog is eating, and the cycle continues unabated.

Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine has stated "Fully 90% of all chronic disease is due to an unhealthy immune system." Chronic intestinal upsets, such as chronic diarrhea vomiting, irritated bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal disorders have their roots in a weakened immune system. Medications, antibiotics and prescription diets can help to mask the symptoms of these problems, but only by treating the underlying immune system.
A Natural Cure
In order to truly treat vomiting in dogs, the integrity of the immune system must be restored. The addition of probiotics to your pets diet can help to repopulate the gut with the good bacteria necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Ironically, it is these same good bacteria that are often killed off by the medications veterinarians administer to stop vomiting and diarrhea. These same probiotics also help to function as a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing irritation and inflammation in the gut, resolving chronic vomiting and GI problems.

Returning or maintaining vitality and health to your pet requires returning them to a diet closer to their wild relatives. Fresh kill is probably out of the question, but weaning them to raw or lightly cooked fresh meat diet, combined with Soil Based Probiotics, immune supplements and enzymes is both an effective natural remedy, and the best "health food" you can provide for your dog.

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