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Dog Constipation: 21st Century Treatment

Conventional dog diarrhea treatments
work on the symptom
instead of the actual cause!
Dog constipation is an early warning sign. Failure to act immediately opens the door for more serious health issues to develop.
The ideal dog constipation treatment would act fast, yet gently remove the blockage, plus, be safe enough to administer daily to prevent reoccurrence. A dog natural remedy is the logical choice.
Pet Flora is "The Missing Link"
Veterinarians, breeders, animal shelters, and people just like you rely on Pet Flora to quickly resolve GI disorders.
Causes of Dog Constipation:
Dog Constipation Symptoms: strenuous effort to produce a bowel movement with no result, small, dry and/or hard fecal matter, infrequent movements, loss of appetite and abdominal pain.
  • Ingested foreign objects such as bones, rocks, garbage.

  • A lack of fiber.

  • A lack of fresh drinking water.

  • Lack of exercise Few urban dogs get the amount of exercise they need.

  • Worms transmitted through ingestion of eggs in an infected rodent, infected soil, or milk from an infected mother, eating animal feces.

  • Commercial dog foods offer convenience, but sorely lack nutrients essential to maintain health. Prolonged use contributes to numerous GI tract problems, and especially dog constipation. Why?
Proper Digestion is time sensitive!
Meals lacking nutritional value tend to move slowly. They attach to intestinal walls, where they become a breeding ground for pathogens, bacteria, yeast, and fungi; often the cause of diarrhea in dogs.

Over time, this build up blocks the flow.
  • Triple doses of Pet Flora for 5-7 days

  • lowly introduce a more natural diet

  • Supplement diet with digestive aids

  • More Exercise Please! Walking is not sufficient

  • Maintain a fresh supply of water at all times
Domestic dogs need Pet Flora more than ever!
Fully 90% of all chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy intestinal system!
Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain
Flora is available without a prescription.
Pet Flora is key to restoring and maintaining your dogs' health
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