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Diarrhea Treatment in Dogs

Possible causes of Dog Diarrhea The cause could be pathogenic, chemical- or both! (see below)

The best dog diarrhea treatment would act fast and have no side effects.

Antibiotics: Old school veterinarians still routinely administer broad-spectrum antibiotics (with known side effects) to cover all pathogenic bases. This is a case where the remedy needs a remedy.

Probiotics: Innovative vets are switching to
Pet Flora, a 21st Century non-dairy probiotic. Pet Flora is more effective than conventional antibiotic treatment. It has no side effects. Plus, there is no need to withhold food or water!
Innovative veterinarians, breeders, and people just like you are using Pet Flora to resolve and prevent GI and Immune diseases.
Possible Causes of Dog Diarrhea:
You must look at everything your dog is exposed to. Keep in mind your dog walks close to the ground, where toxic fumes, toxic chemicals, and pathogens are concentrated.

Your dog probably licks its paws to clean and remove burning sensations from chemical residues.
  • Household cleaning products often contain chemicals that are toxic. Your dog is constantly walking barefoot through them. They might burn your dogs paws. If your dog licks its paws to stop the burning, it will ingest the toxins.
  • Water- unfiltered tap water has high levels of chlorine, chloramines, and trace amounts of hundreds of toxic chemicals.
  • Water puddles, and storm water run off often contains a wide variety of poisonous residues from things like transmission fluid, engine coolant as well as pathogens (germs, viruses).
  • Walking the Dog Where do you run your dog? Pesticides, insecticides, are obvious; less so would be from other dog feces which might harbor worms. Some dogs eat them, most step in them and later lick their paws.
  • Dog food- both canned and dry dog food have shelf lives, and become rancid. Opened dry can attract bugs and rodents who leave dropping and eggs that your dog then eats.

Virtually all sickness is due to the body being too acid. Pharmaceutical medicine is acid based, that is why it tastes bitter, and has side effects.
The world is desperate for a remedy that is the opposite of medicine.

Pet Flora is unlike any dog diarrhea medicine. It is fast acting, all natural, and without side effects. It is the ideal natural dog remedy. It contains 29 active strains of SBOs grown under laboratory protocols.
Vitality Science products are all natural, and scientifically proven to correct the inadequacies in your pet’s diets. They address chronic immune, digestive, and joint problems, dog allergies, and the effects of chemotherapy in cats and dogs
Pet Flora, the ultimate defense against GI and immune disease.
Pet Flora is available without a prescription.
Pet Flora is key to restoring and maintaining your dog ’s health.
Fully 90% of all chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy intestinal system!
Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain

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