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Diarrhea Diet for Dogs
If your dog frequently suffers from diarrhea you must immediately look at everything it is exposed to- not just diet.
Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs
Rarely is there one cause of diarrhea in dogs. Often they are the same causes for constant diarrhea in pets.

Where did you get your dog? Storm displaced (or stray) dogs are likely to be infected with pathogens known to cause constant diarrhea.

Commercial Pet Stores buy from breeders who are profit driven. Bitches are often over bred and undernourished. Their pups suffer the health consequences.

Weak immune systems need all the support they can get. Without it, your pet is likely to struggle with health issues throughout its life.
Fully 90% of all chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy intestinal system!
Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain
List of Likely Suspects:
Bugs and Lizards:Dogs love to stalk. Some of them are toxic by nature; others are toxic because of exposure to pesticides.

Commercial Dog Food is another likely suspect. Open bags of dry food or canned food left out too long are potential breeding grounds for bacteria. It also attracts bugs, and mice that leave droppings, as well as eggs that get eaten by your dog.

Eating Too Fast Dogs tend to do this, especially when eating at the same time as other dogs. Aside from this:

Proper food digestion is time sensitive. When it moves too slowly, it gives pathogens and bacteria time to breed and release toxins. These toxins set the stage for GI disorders like
diarrhea or vomiting in dog.

Household Cleaning Agents If your dog lives indoors it spends most of its time close to the floor. Be very aware of what your cleaning products contain. Dogs breathe the concentrated residues and walk in them. They lick their paws and ingest them.

Premature Weaning can weaken your dog's immune system for life. Puppies need a full term of mothers' milk in order to develop a strong immune system. Premature Weaning is an overlooked cause of susceptibility to disease.

Health of Mother A healthy mother is far more likely to produce puppies with healthy intestinal systems. She should be well cared for before, during, and throughout breast feeding.
Life Changing Diet
You can domesticate a dog but not its diet!
Commercial dog food is all about convenience and price. If commercial dog food manufacturers spent as much money on the contents as they do on fancy eye catching, yet deceptive labels (and huge advertising budgets), most likely it would be good for your dog. No wonder GI disorders are epidemic.

The best
diarrhea diet for dog would resemble that of its wild relatives who hunt and eat fresh kill.

Dog health foodis the rage, but why? People want a diarrhea natural remedy.

Here's the best
dog diet- diarrhea or no:

Slowly introduce a diet that closely resembles your dog's wild relatives. Substitute 100% raw (or lightly cooked) meats and chicken that are hormone and antibiotic free. Supplement with digestive aids. This is the ultimate diarrhea diet for dogs.>

Digestive Aids
The digestive aids your dog's wild relatives eat come from grasses and soil teaming with microflora and SBOs.

SBOs are the missing link to restoring and maintaining your dog's health.

When outdoor dogs sense they ate something bad, they instinctively eat grass and dirt, which used to be teeming with microflora and soil based organisms (SBOs). Unfortunately, because of pesticides, insecticides, and inorganic fertilizers, soil today lacks these essential digestive aids. Instead of
treating dog diarrhea, eating soil and grass could make it worse!
Veterinarians Dilemma: Not knowing the actual cause of dog diarrhea makes treatment difficult. Old school vets are likely to prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic just to cover all the bases, plus they tell you withhold food and water for a few days. This is another case where the remedy needs a remedy.

The good news is most episodes can be resolved quickly, at home.

Virtually all sickness is due to the body being too acid. Pharmaceutical medicine is acid based, that is why it tastes bitter, and has side effects.
The world is desperate for a remedy that is the opposite of medicine.
Pet Flora is unlike any dog diarrhea medicine. It is fast acting, all natural, and without side effects. It is the ideal dog natural remedy. It contains 29 active strains of SBOs grown under laboratory protocols.

Whether your dogs have diarrhea or not, you should supplement their diet with Pet Flora, the ultimate defense against GI and immune disease.
Pet Flora is available without a prescription.

Pet Flora is key to restoring and maintaining your dog's health.

Pet Flora & Super Super Food

Pet Flora and Super Food for Dogs
are products that resolve
routine dog diarrhea.

Canine Restoration
Canine Restoration is an all natural protocol for
extremely treatment-resistant diarrhea.

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