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Cause of Diarrhea in Dogs
The cause of diarrhea in dogs and vomiting in dogs can now be resolved at home.
Unlike natural food which is rich in nutrients and easy for you pet to process, a steady diet of commercial dog food (which is little more than bulk) often leads to an imbalance in your dog's GI tract. It can actually be a contributing cause of diarrhea in dog, as well as a cause of constant diarrhea in pets. How? The lower the nutritional value the slower food processes through the GI tract.

Proper Food Proper food processing is a time sensitive. When it moves too slowly, it gives pathogens and bacteria time to breed and release toxins. These toxins cause inflammation which sets the stage for GI disorders.

Scientific Evidence Britain's Royal Society of Medicine states that "Fully 90% of all chronic disease is caused by an unhealthy intestinal system."

Veterinarians are now using
Vitality Science products to treat dog diarrhea. They consider Pet Flora a natural diarrhea remedy, providing the soil based organism probiotics (SBOs) necessary for your cat or dog to restore and maintain a healthy GI tract.

Not only is Pet Flora scientifically proven to stop diarrhea in cat or dog quickly, naturally, but you do not need to withhold food or water!

Super Food When GI problems are left too long, immune problems can develop. Super Food is a supplement that provides essential nutrients for immune support. It contains the highest quality natural nutrients like colostrum, lactoferrin and whey. These are all key components of mother's milk for cats and dogs. They boost your pet's natural immunity, allowing it to stop most cases of vomiting in dogs and cats.

No wonder vets are using these products as natural remedies for cats and dogs. Routine use will supercharge your pet's immune systems, all but eliminating vomiting problems in dogs and cats, AND reduce costly vet visits!

Vitality Science products are available on line.


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