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Cause of Diarrhea in Cat
Rarely is there "one" cause for cat diarrhea. Most cases can be prevented!

Veterinarians Dilemma: Not knowing the actual cause of your cat's diarrhea makes treatment difficult. They are likely to prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics just to cover all the pathogenic possibilities, plus they tell you withhold food and water for a few days. This is rough on your cat.

The good news is that routine episodes can be quickly resolved without resorting to antibiotics. If you catch the episode early, just a few double doses of
Pet Flora will typically normalize your cats within a few hours.
Pet Flora

Veterinarians, breeders, and people just like you now
use Pet Flora to resolve routine gastrointestinal (GI) disorders

Pet Flora is the "missing link" for both healthy and unhealthy pets. If your cat has diarrhea (or vomiting) and does not respond within a few hours to double doses of Pet Flora, most likely their intestinal wall is inflamed. The inflammation must be resolved before Pet Flora can be effective. Feline Comfort was specifically formulated for advanced GI conditions.

Fully 90% of all chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy intestinal system!

Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain
Likely Causes of Diarrhea in Cats:
Bugs and LizardsCats love to stalk. Some of them are toxic by nature; others are toxic because of exposure to pesticides.

Hairballs pose a potential danger by blocking the passage of digested food through the intestines.
Since hair is not easily digested, it can compact with undigested food in the stomach and GI tract. Hairballs can cause painful constipation.

Commercial Cat Food is another likely suspect. Open bags of dry food or canned food left out too long are potential breeding grounds for bacteria. They also attract bugs, and rodents that leave droppings, as well as eggs that get eaten.

Household Cleaning Agents Your cat walks on the floor. It breathes the concentrated fumes and licks its paws, ingesting toxic chemical residues.

Premature Weaning is an overlooked cause that can weaken your cat's immune system for life. Kittens and Puppies need a full term of mothers' milk in order to develop a strong immune system. Cats that do not have a strong immune system are highly susceptible to allergies and diseases, like feline leukemia.

Health of Mother healthy mother is far more likely to produce kittens and puppies with healthy intestinal systems. She should be well cared for before, during, and throughout weaning process.

Pet Flora is vital to both healthy and unhealthy cats. However, depending on your cats' condition you may need to do more.


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