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Thrive, Whatever Is Draining Your Dog'sCanine Restoration

Health: Your Best Treatment Is To

Raise The Vital Force

Canine Restoration Medical Treatments Take A Huge Toll On Your Dog's Vitality. Canine Restoration Supplements With Four Products that Raise The Levels of Energy & Immunity.

While you cannot know every disease name, you can see when your dog is under pressure from disease. The name does not matter! What matters is getting your dog back to health. Raising your dog's energy level and resistance to disease is our specialty and our guarantee.

We do that with the Canine Restoration Program, which costs less than one visit to the vet. And, unlike the vet, we guarantee results. Stop wasting money! Order the
Canine Restoration Program ($107.95) today and watch your dog rebound.

Back from the dead with the Treament-Resistant Program!

Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for the wonderful products you offer! Last time we spoke, my dog Daisy was on death's door. She would not stop vomiting and was dehydrated and sickly. I told you that I didn't think she'd make it through the night...Well, you rushed me my order overnight and I got it promptly the next day. You even included some luxolite for Daisy, and a complimentary can of superfood as a welcome home gift for our new autism assistance service dog! I was so amazed that you did this for us and grateful too.

After just a few days on the products Daisy turned around and got better! She started eating her food and perked right up and we were so thankful. I have continued to use the pet enzymes and superfood for her, and I give my other 2 dogs the superfood as well. We go through it quickly with 3 dogs, but they are worth it.

Thanks again and feel free to use any part of my letter as a testimony on your website.

Be well,
Jodi Brock

Super Food Canine Supplement

Click Products for Dogs to see a full list of Vitality Science Products.

The Four Miracle Ingredients In Canine Restoration Program

(1) Canine Comfort contains many of the most effective substances used by holistic vets to support the gastrointestinal system of dogs, improving their responses to medical treatment and protecting them from immune related diseases, like canine pancreatitis cancer, IBS, treatment-resistant diarrhea and vomiting. Canine Comfort contains six highly effective ingredients to soothe and normalize canine intestinal tracts. But it is not only these individual ingredients that work to rejuvenate and heal your dog. It is also their synergistic interaction that provides a very high level of immune support.
  • Pet Flora, probiotic, Soil-Based Organisms (Contents equal to 30 treatments for a 20 pound dog)
  • Arabinogalactan, prebiotic, bulking agent
  • Slippery Elm, demulcent, soothing
  • L-Glutamine, Natural amino acid, Intestinal Healer
  • Pet Enzymes, plant-based, broad spectrum digestive enzymes
  • Psyllium Seed Powder, absorbs water, normalizes stools
  • Serrazimes, Serrapeptase analogue, anti-inflammatory
  • Bromelain, anti-inflammatory
  • Natural Tuna Flavor
Read more about Canine Comfort by clicking here.

(2) Vital Pet Lipids is the supplement of choice for allergic, neuromuscular and immunological disorders. While human deficiency in essential fatty acids is grave, it is even worse in dogs. Dog food, commercial and super premium, all lack EFAs. Vital Pet Lipids contains a highly effective collection of lipids that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Krill Oil
  • Tuna Oil
  • Squalene
  • Vitamin E
Read more about Vital Pet Lipids by clicking here.

(3) Herbal Anti-Inflammatory addresses the underlying inflammatory conditions associated with all disease states, especially inflammations. Herbal Anti-Inflammatory contains the rarely seen Venus Fly Trap, Licorice, and and a high saponin Yucca. Magic is the only word that can describe the action of this formula on infections and inflammations of all kinds. Alone, Venus Fly Trap could drastically reduce medical bills. But that is not something we are legally allowed to write about. Search for information on Venus Fly Trap on the web and be amazed!<

Read more about Herbal Anti-Inflammatory by clicking

(4) Super Pet Enzymes provides an extra measure of anti-inflammatory enzymes to reduce inflammation in the most treatment-resistant dogs.

Read more about Super Pet Enzymes by clicking here.

Our customers come to us as a last resort. Everything else has failed them. Vitality Science is their last hope before the awful confrontation of putting their pet down. In these desperate cases we succeed 95% of the time! Our
testimonials tell the story better than we can!

Do not wait. For less money than a trip to the vet, Canine Restoration Program will bring your dog back from the brink. Please click
here to buy Canine Restoration before it is too late! and start your dog on the road back to health!

Click Products for Cats and Products for Dogs to see a full list of Vitality Science Products.


If you have tried vets, drugs, and natural products and everything has failed, you know that finding a guarantee is harder than finding success. Well, stop looking! We guarantee results for your pets with our Restoration Programs.

For simple diarrhea and vomiting,
Pet Flora and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, will help almost every animal. However, extremely treatment-resistant animals have inflammation, infections, lack of enzymes, and a deficiency of essential fatty acids. This calls for our multi-factorial restoration programs.

If your dog has a treatment-resistant degenerative disorder, bring it back to health with the
Canine Restoration Program. If your cat has a treatment-resistant degenerative disorder bring it back to health with the Feline Restoration Program.

Our guarantee is simple. Put your pet on the Restoration Program for thirty days. if you do not see significant improvement, call customer service for a prompt refund.

Special Price plus FREE SHIPPING!

Click to order Restoration Program for
cats or dogs


Stephen Becker
President, Vitality Science

P.S. Just think! Your dog will not have to suffer any more. Please click
here to order The Canine Restoration Program Now.

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