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Zenobite: Zeolite + Bentonite - Radiation Protection

Chelation Supplement for the Whole Family

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Zenobite®: Protection Against Radiation & Heavy Metal Poisoning

Suffering is at an all-time high and and the health of everyone on the planet is rapidly getting worse.

Heavy metals and radiation (which includes radioactive heavy metals) are the single greatest cause of sickness and the single greatest threat to human, animal, and planetary health.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metal contamination is endemic. There are 600,000 toxic waste sites in the USA alone. Aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and nickel are taken up through the air, food, water, and drugs. The sources of these heavy metals is long and shocking:
  • mercury fillings in teeth
  • aluminum and mercury in vaccines
  • Lead in paint and tap water
  • A long list of chemicals added to foods, including mercury residue in high fructose corn syrup
  • A long list of chemicals added to cosmetics, including aluminum in anti-perspirants
  • Cadmium from cigarette smoke
  • Chemtrails spray cadmium and aluminum that we breath
  • And too many more to count
The list of symptoms from heavy metal poisoning is a list of what ails us.
  • Allergies
  • GI Problems
  • Acidity of the blood and digestion
  • All cancer cells have a toxic load of mercury
  • Neurological and psychological problems
  • Just figure that whatever the physical or mental problem, radioactive and other heavy metals play a dominant part.
Radioactive Metals

As you probably know, the nuclear reactors are all unsafe, leaking radiation because of old age, faulty designs, and blatant criminal activity. There is a steep uptrend in radiation spreading across the USA. Some areas are seeing dangerously high levels. Rule of thumb is that exposure to 100 CPM (clicks per minute) for a year results in a real risk of cancer, 500 CPM for 90 days is a real risk. Many places are now up over 100 CPM, forecasting an explosion in cancer, neurological problems, and many other diseases.

Radioactive metals include Cesium 137 , which comprises 90% of the radioactive discharge from a reactor meltdown. Cesium is deadly, disabling and a very bad actor. Surprisingly, even though present in smaller amounts, plutonium is much much worse. Two million times as toxic as cesium 137. Plutonium is the most toxic substance on the planet and now spreading through the ecosphere from the Fukushima disaster. All in all, nuclear material and nuclear waste represent the all-time most self-destructive enterprise of the human race.

When heavy metal and radiation detoxification is the issue only clinoptilolite, a type of Zeolite, has the scientific validation and field success for the remediation and protection from radioactive and heavy metals. The English government during the Windscale catastrophe bought thousands of tons of clinoptilolite to adsorb and remove toxic contaminants. The Russian government also used clinoptilolite on the reactor and in cookies and supplements for the local population. Zenobite contains only the purest, micronized, and the highest cation exchange capacity of clinoptilolite.

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Product Info

Why Zenobite?

Zenobite is more effective and less expensive than any other product for sale today. How do I know that? The lead ingredient in Zenobite is zeolite. Zeolite has many natural forms. The one used for protection and detoxification is clinoptilolite.

There are several methods to measure the strength of clinoptilolite. We only use the excellent grade of clinoptilolite with a milli-equivalent (meq/100g) more than 140. However, the meq/100g can be different depending upon the time the sample is in solution. With a six hour soak our clinoptilolite measures 160. You cannot find a more effective product to remove and defend against heavy metals and radiation.

In addition, Zenobite is a long life and immune strength combination that can be given with great benefit to any animal, young or old, healthy or sick.

Will the real zeolite please stand up?

All of the scientific studies done on zeolite have been done on its clinoptilolite variety. I am writing here of the clinoptilolite mineral straight out of the ground. Plain and simple. The studies have not been done on micronized zeolite, or liquid zeolite, or any of the many other novel forms. These novel forms may or may not be better. But one thing for sure, they are all more expensive and they are all scientifically untested. The testing exceptions are that some of the novel forms rely on company in-house tests, which have the obvious defect of self-validation. The independent third party tests have only been done on the clinoptilolite mineral powder.


The montmorillonite in Zenobite has a long history of effectiveness. Vitality Science has used a highl;y effective white montmorillonite in Luxolite for the treatment of feline and canine GI problems for over seven years. The Paiute Indians have used it as their premier medicine for over one thousand years. Our montmorillonite has been proven by the test of time.

Synergistic Ingredients

The Zeolite and Bentonite story is well known. Innumerable companies sell many varieties, from acid treated zeolite (that is how they make it into a solution), to green montmorillonite (the green color is from algae). The reason they are so popular is because they really work! Clinoptilolite and montmorillonite have been scientifically proven by independent third party tests to detoxify and protect from heavy and radioactive metals.

Critically Important Investment

  • Invest in Zenobite now because it will quickly improve the health of everyone, including your pets, farm animals, and crops.
  • Invest in it now because it will not be available in case of another nuclear emergency. The best outcome is to administer zeolite in the very first days of contact with radioactivity. This was proven by studies done on clinoptilolite use in Chernobyl.
  • Invest in it now because we offer the lowest price per dose for the most effective ingredients. (Between ten and seventeen cents per adult dose depending on quantity purchased.)
  • Invest in Zenobite now because Vitality Science guarantees your satisfaction or your money back.

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How to Use

Zenobite is composed of Zeolite and Bentonite micro fine powder.

Dosage and Use
As a protection against radiation and heavy metal poisoning, take the recommended dose mixed or blended into the recommended amount of water. Zenobite is beneficial to take on a daily basis because everyone on the planet is suffering from heavy metal and radiation poisoning and will be so for the foreseeable future.

For all adults, children, cats, dogs, chickens, horses, and cattle :

(1) Best taken first thing in morning and or last thing at night. In critical situations, it can be taken twice a day.
(2) Zenobite has a very wide latitude of safety. The only precaution is that in a few users constipation is a possibility.
(3) If constipation occurs, add more water and/or add 1 rounded tsp. of unflavored Metamucil or psyllium seed powder to a glass of water.

Mix into 4-12 oz. water:
1-25 lbs ............................1/4 tsp. (750 mg.)
26-50 lbs ..........................1/2 tsp (1.5 gms.)
51-100 lbs ........................ 3/4 tsp. (2.25 gms.)
100-175 lbs .......................1 tsp (3 gms.)
176 lbs and up ..................1.5 tsp. (4.5 gms.)

1/2 to 2% of ration

70 gms per day mixed into feed.

1/2 to 2% of ration

Benefits of feeding to farm animals
  • Absorbs toxins from from molds and spores in feed material
  • Improves growth of animals
  • Reduces smells and poisonous gases
Storage Instructions
Extremely stable and can be stored anywhere as heat and cold have practically no effect.

Shelf Life:
In storage, Zenobite will last forever.

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  • Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) is molten lava reacted with sea water.

    When a particular type of molten lava reacts with sea water, zeolite is produced. There are 48 different zeolites. Clinoptilolite is the most medically important member of this group.

    Zeolites have a crystalline structure with minute channels that have a negative charge allowing the absorption and adsorption of heavy and radioactive metals and numerous toxins.

    During the Chernobyl disaster hundreds of thousands of tons of zeolite were thrown in the reactors and on the surrounding area. People were fed zeolite in cookies and other food to help remove radiation and heavy metals from their bodies.
      Properties of Natural Zeolite
    • A strong molecular magnet for radioactive and heavy metals.
    • Aids in liver detoxification.
    • Improves GI function by adsorbing and absorbing natural and synthetic toxins.
    • Supports normal bowel function by reducing acidity.
    Bentonite (Montmorillonite) is a weathered alkaline volcanic ash.

    Bentonite is one of the most effective natural intestinal detoxifying agents available and has been recognized as such for centuries by native peoples around the world.

    Technically, the clay first adsorbs (magnetically holds) toxins such as heavy metals, free radicals, and pesticides. It attracts them to its surface where they adhere; like iron filings to a magnet. It also absorbs the toxins, acting like a wet sponge drawing in dirt.

    We formulate our own products. All our ingredients are purchased from United States sources. We maintain a C of A (Certificate of Authenticity) for all ingredients. We do not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That is, we use no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind.

    We manufacture so that humans, including family and friends, can confidently take any of our products.

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My name is Stephen Becker. I am the President of Vitality Science. When I decided to acquire a quality heavy metal and radiation protection for myself and my family, I tried many of the zeolite name brands. Some seemed okay. But they were all way too much money. And, as I found out after great expense, only one type of zeolite mineral powder was scientifically proven. That product was clinoptilolite with a meq/100g rating of 160. This zeolite stood out from all the rest because of the care in production, the quality of the mineral deposit, the real world results.

I added our Bentonite, a proven mineral powder already being used in Luxolite, to the clinoptilolite. Putting the two of them together in Zenobite made therapeutic and monetary sense.

But the real test was to use Zenobite on myself, our family, and friends. Well, the reports are coming in. Even though I am 70 and in pretty good health, I was having a persistent pain the lower left abdomen despite a lifetime of yoga practice, an extensive schedule of supplements, and an organic diet. Within a few days of starting on Zenobite, the pain disappeared. Hardly conclusive, but it is an auspicious start.

More Testimonials

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Scientific Studies

From the Brewer Science Library, their publication, New Horizons contains a collection of articles, mostly from Eastern Europe, discussing the results from using zeolite in a variety of pathologies, including the absorption of radioactivity, hepatitis B, cancer, and GI problems.

Animal studies done at the National Institute of Health show an improvement in kidney and liver function.

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