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Affiliate Resources

How to login to your account

Go to, click on the “Affiliate” link in the top or bottom of the page. Then click the “login” button or click here to go directly to the affiliate log in page.

Enter your username and password to access “Referral Partner Home.”

Commissions are paid via paypal on the first of every month.

Make sure you have your email is linked to your paypal account. You can track your commission under “Commission Generated.”

“My Ledger,” has more detailed commission statements. You can see who purchased what product and how much commission you earned from the sale. You can also see previous payments.

Generating Personal Links & Banners

Vitality Science has made some changes over the past couple of years, so if you have been an affiliate of ours for a while, please check to make sure your links are working properly, you have our latest photos, the right product names and descriptions. Please email us if you need assistance.

You can generate links to specific pages on Then add these links to your blog article, email handle, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest page, etc. These links will take your referral costumers directly to the product or page you are recommending. 

  • To the left in the side bar, click “Link Generator.”
  • Then under “My Ads,” Click the “Create Ad” button.
  • Continue to fill out the ad form. You are able to add a description and a name to remind you which advertisement you are creating. Remember to use the drop down box to mark which form of media you will be placing this advertisement, then “save.”
  • When you are finished filling out the form, go to the bottom of the page. Select which ad you are using to drive the traffic then click “Generate Link.”
  • A link will appear under the green button, copy and paste the link to the media form of which you have selected.

Banners are great for advertising on websites and blog, but also work as an email handle. To generate and place a banner, in which your referrals can click through, Follow these steps:

  • Generate a banner code: Under “Resources,” Click “Banner.”
  • There are different sizes of banners you can choose from. Pick the one that will fit your needs, click “Generate Banner.”
  • Copy and paste this code and place it within your website and/or blog.
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